Asia-based MBA CPRW to help you get the global job you dream about

Dream Big. Work Hard. Go Places.

High-impact resumes, CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Constant advice and mentorship. For global professionals.

Job Hunting Success Services

Three services, with great attention, refined for optimal performance to make them want you.

Resume/CV Creation

I'll take your current resume or CV and completely rework it.
$650 (customization for additional applications, $150/per)

Cover Letter

A customized cover letter for an individual job application.
$200 (customization for additional applications, $50/per)


I'll fully revise your LinkedIn profile and help you make full use of the platform to attract employers.
$400 (25% off with resume order)


Asia-based Resume Writer, Career Adviser, Experienced Working in Foreign Companies for Two Decades

Adam Goulston, MBA, MS, CPRW

MBA in Marketing; MS in Health Sciences (Public Health); BA in Journalism; Certified Professional Resume Writer
Copywriter, content manager, editor, translator, career coach, leading CPRW in Asia for global job candidates.

Tell me where you want to be.

This is an investment in your future. Feel free to ask me for specifics about the service. Always send me your aims and interests first. I only work with those I can help.

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