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Resumes & CVs customized from a global perspective

I’ve lived abroad half my life, studying and working. Never as a tourist. I’ve worked in industry, academia, and government. If you’ve found out that resume templates and DIY approaches don’t help your international job hunt, I can tell you why. Get in touch if you want to kickstart your cross-border search for a dream job.


Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

Asia-based, US born, extensive insight on the cross-border job-searching process

Adam Goulston


Content manager, copywriter, editor, translator, career coach, leading CPRW in Asia for global job candidates.

“The CPRW credential is the global Industry Standard for professional résumé writers” -PARW/CC

Adam is the only CPRW-credentialed native English speaker in Japan or South Korea.

When you want to work internationally, you need global thinking.

DIY templates don’t even get looked at. Big resume companies only know their own countries.

Do you want to stop wasting your time and instead get interviews?

I live and work in Asia. My own career and life is because I’ve aggressively created it. Living globally was a dream, and it became my reality. I hope to help you achieve the same. Contact me now and tell me what you want to do. Always send me your aims and interests first.

Successful Clients

"Within 3 days of applying to Amazon and SpaceX with my new CV, I got an answer!"
K.G., Logistics,
Poland & Netherlands
"This CV opened up new possibilities for me."
B.S., University Professor, Korea
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