Most résumé and CV advisers are based in the English-speaking countries. They are specific for those countries’ cultures. I am globally based and take a global view. I was born and raised in the US and I have studied, lived, and worked abroad, as well as in the US. I am the only native-English-speaking Certified Professional Résumé Writer in Japan, and one of only two in North Asia. I have helped numerous professionals and students create customize successful résumés, CVs, and online presences that let them live their international dreams. Someone who has not lived abroad cannot understand the challenges of cross-border/cross-cultural applicants. I apply my professional and personal experience abroad so people can enjoy the global life that I enjoy every day.


The intResume Difference

My professional résumé- and CV-writing services are customized for the person, country, culture, and specific readers. I represent your value, but unlike other companies I have lived and know the needs of international applicants. I make you ready for the global market. It’s frustrating to see many amazing international applicants miss job opportunities because they are following outdated, amateur advice. This service solves that problem.

Most services are highly biased to one country. I am an American who has lived, studied, and worked in five countries. I specialize in Asia-Pacific, the EU, and ESL/EFL speakers, and I live in Japan. I have worked with numerous professionals and students to customize résumés and CVs that fulfill the very specific and unique challenges of international applicants.

Why Choose Me

I will create a general résumé or CV for you or tailor it to specific jobs and other positions. You are unique and special, and every job and company needs to know how you fit its specific needs. A do-it-yourself template cannot do that for you. Moreover, the application processes for different countries vary, and when cultures cross, you need an analytical and culturally sensitive approach. If you don’t know how to present yourself to employers of different countries and cultures you won’t get the job.

  • I practice customer-first service, ALWAYS
  • I fix your entire global image, not just your spelling and grammar
  • Your résumé or CV will be very unique for you
  • We work together until you’re happy, revisions are unlimited
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What You’ll Get

  • One-on-one support from a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW)
  • A custom, modern résumé that tells your career story
  • Keyword optimization because often a computer is reviewing your résumé before a person
  • Final, personalized output in Word and PDF format
  • Constant communication and confirmation: a boutique experience
  • Priority on future revisions for other applications

How we’ll work together

You introduce yourself.
Share your academic and professional history, your career goals, and your dreams in the short medium, and long terms. Through mail and, if you like, online chat, I will try and find what you make you great, and what you want. This will let me present you very effectively.

I get you ready for the world.
Your résumé/CV is your first impression. I use my knowledge as a CPRW and a global professional to give you a stunning and sharp new image. Of course, I also make the English perfect, using modern and industry-specific language. I’ll present you in a way you will love, and so will the employers for whom you want to work. Doors that never opened for you before will now open.

You greatly increase your chances of acceptance.
A professionally written résumé/CV leads to more interviews and more job offers because it is aligned with you and your goals. Most people send a general résumé they made themselves, and hope for the best. If you don’t immediately stand out, you are “nexted”.

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