A good résumé or CV must present confidence and accomplishments without sounding like bragging, must be structured right, formatted right, have the right length, give evidence, avoid idioms, have the right margins and font, and more. Then of course there is the language itself, which must be perfect.

The question I hear most often is:

“Can you just edit/proofread my current résumé? I don’t need you to make a new one for me.”

No, I cannot do that because it’s not helping you. I’ve found about 95% of people have a résumé that is partially or totally wrong. Asking someone to proofread your résumé is like going to the car mechanic and saying, “My engine blew up. I taped it back together. Can you just finish it off?” Don’t believe me? I’m always happy to give you a free evaluation by mail or Skype. Get in touch. If I find the only problem is the spelling and grammar, I’ll proofread it for free!

Common problems I see are:

  • Fully incorrect word formatting
  • Incorrect order of items
  • Unnecessary sections
  • Missing sections
  • Complex grammatical and word choice mistakes
  • An overall misunderstanding of what a Résumé is

This is because most people do it themselves or ask an inexperienced person, such as a senior coworker or a low-level English teacher, for help. As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), I am required to know modern and effective techniques few individuals are even aware of. It’s not magic, it’s just hard work, and it’s what a CPRW is trained to do.

We’ll work together to do this the right way. I know you want to save money, but if you ask someone to proofread your résumé or CV, I wish you luck. I’m here to create you a great résumé or CV.

The normal process for résumé and CV creation is:

1. Place your order or get in touch to find out what you need. Send your previous résumé or CV, along with any pertinent supporting information.

2. Wait for my response with follow-up questions and a request for a Skype talk on online chat if needed.

3. I’ll get to work and send you a draft within 1 business week. If I have questions, please reply as soon as possible.

4. I’ll send your draft in Word form and ask for your input, comments, request for revision.

5. When you’re happy with the output, I’ll send you the final Word and PDF files. In the future if you’re applying for specific jobs, changing careers, etc., I’ll give you priority in revising it, and a great price too.

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