Avoid Gimmick Résumés: You’re not Elon Musk

An article from Business Insider (BI) has been doing the rounds for over a year and keeps appearing in my Facebook feed. It’s a discussion of Elon Musk’s supposed résumé. It explains how remarkable it is how such an accomplished individual can use such a clever and even cheeky document. It’s stripped down to a single colorful page that looks more like a website page or magazine page.

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Common Résumé and CV Mistakes by Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese

Of the thousands of résumés I have reviewed, and the many I have edited, only a small handful don’t have something glaringly wrong. My North Asian clients present both issues with language, as they are EFL speakers, as well as issues with formatting.

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How to Keep Your Job Search Confidential and Ethical While You’re Employed

So many people dislike their jobs. Recent surveys have found over half of working Americans and Australians are dissatisfied with their current jobs. Polls like these are less common in countries such as Japan and South Korea,

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Why Should I Use a Résumé Writing Service?

Many people start with this question because, as with many forms of writing, anyone who can type can try to do it themselves. This service isn't cheap, and I’m aware of this. So, is a résumé or CV writing service really worth the price? You can ask my successful clients if I’m worth it, and you’ll get some pretty positive stories.

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